BTC Die Cast Models

Car collectors are an enthusiastic bunch. They acquire (and sometimes even sell) cars with much of their free cash flow. You’ve almost assuredly seen television shows like Chasing Classic Cars or hear the Rush song “Red Barchetta” that highlight the idea of the garage find. It is still hard to imagine that somebody has an Enzo era Ferrari covered and rusting in some rat infested garage but over and over, you see more stories showing this phenomenon. Recently, two (not one) mid-1950s 300 SL gullwings were found in fully unrestored condition. In the Middle East, more modern exotic cars like Ferrari F50s, Audi S8s and even newer Bugattis are found abandoned often at airports. The laws on not paying debts can be punitive there thus people will just park their car at the airport and leave for another country before getting caned or imprisoned for not being able to pay their debts.

DiecastThe cliché in car collecting is that at some point you will have to sell a car to bring a new one into the collection. Here in Southern California celebrities, technology executives and well-heeled car nuts often rent entire aircraft hangers that you might park a few Gulfstream or Global Express jets in with the goal of putting a roof over a growing collection of exotic, rare and vintage cars. Jay Leno has quite a collection near the Burbank Airport which is close to where he filmed The Tonight Show. TV personality and comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, has both storage at the Santa Monica Airport as well as reportedly an entire garage in Manhattan where he stores his New York collection of automobiles. He highlights these cars on his Netflix Show about getting coffee with comedians in classic cars. Some collectors even buy race cars. I’ve seen in-home collections of vintage F1 racecars in the cellar of a 25,000 mansion in Beverly Hills. Others pick up NASCAR race cars and trucks for their collections. A good example of that is the Petersen Museum on Wilshire Boulevard. If you are in Los Angeles with an extra hour or two on your hands, getting a private tour of the basement collection is a true treat.

Where some collectors get the maximum bang for their buck is with die cast models. The size of these cars ranges but the complexity rarely fails to impress. Much like a vintage gas pump or a race flag from yester-year, a collection of die cast models goes hand-in hand with a vintage, luxury or exotic car collection. There are specific cases that can wall mount for fantastic display options. The variety of the cars is also endless with both vintage die cast cars as well as new ones. Vintage die-cast cars can be worth even more if they are in their original boxes which you can sometimes find at auction or even on Big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target sell die cast cars but there are also dedicated, specialty stores that sell more hard-to-find die cast models to the enthusiast collector.

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